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Switch pro controller not pairing

Complete These Steps: The Pro Controller can be paired to the Nintendo Switch console in the following ways: USB Connection Pairing. Place the Nintendo Switch console in the dock. Connect the Pro Controller to the dock with the included USB cable (model No. HAC-010). Button Pairing or Wireless Pairing.

When a Bluetooth audio device is connected, no more than two wireless controllers can be connected to the system. Disconnect the Bluetooth audio device in order to connect a third controller. If. The Nintendo Switch is a video game console, with multiple controllers that can be paired, including the pro controller and basic Joy-con. The pro controller is different from the Joy-con in its wireless connection capability and more traditional design. This controller is composed of 2 analog sticks, 2 digital shoulder buttons, 2 digital.

Pair the Pro Controller wirelessly. Situation Not Resolved: If the Pro Controller cannot be paired to the Nintendo Switch console, either wirelessly or via the USB charging cable, the Pro Controller will need to be repaired. Please click here to book a repair.

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Connecting the controller via USB-C doesn't cut it. Instead I held down the small button beside the USB-C port. Then I went to the Devices menu in Settings and clicked Add Bluetooth and other devices. The Pro Controller appeared in the following popup, and after connecting it, the controller appeared under the Mouse, Keyboard, & pen section. Important: The system must be powered on. It is not possible to pair a controller while the system is in sleep mode. Note. Once paired, the player LED(s) corresponding to the controller number will remain lit.; Up to eight wireless controllers can be paired to a Nintendo Switch system. However, the maximum number of controllers that can be connected will vary depending on the type of..

Greetings, As per title, my controller (Nintendo Switch Pro Controller) is not connecting to my PC via bluetooth. All online walkthroughs i came through cover cases where either the controller doesn't connect via bluetooth nor cable, or it connects fine with both. In my case, cable works (partially?), while bluetooth doesn't recognize it.

Button pairing or wireless pairing. From the HOME Menu, select Controllers, then Change Grip and Order. While the following screen is displayed, press and hold down the SYNC Button for at least one second on the Pro Controller you wish to pair. Change Grip and Order screen.

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